End of year party 2014

Brimtonroy TRA welcomes you to our end of year party for 2014.

Come and join us to celebrate the passing of 2014.  AND HAVE FUN WITH US.

There will be variety of cultural events to entertain the diverse community.

There are activities for both young and old.

One thought on “End of year party 2014

  1. Love the fact that there is a website and that they are planning to do FREE training. My mum is 81 years young and I feel what is lacking is a social outlet where she can meet other people. I have put her name down so that she can learn basic computer skill and hopefully meet new people. I enjoyed the end of year party and feel that the tenants association will be run correctly for the benefit of the community. It was great that my Mum received a £10 gift voucher . I feel that more tenants will come and benefit from the community hall. I am excited and looking forward to what the committee are going to plan for 2015.

    I am interested in theatre visits, trips out and events in the hall.


    Careen Gregwah

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